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1984 - Ministries
Ministry of Truth

Thesis: When controlling parties take over others, those people may rebel and disagree, but yet will continue to obey them in order to survive.

We are "Minitrue". In our ministry, we are concerned with news, entertainment, education and the fine arts.

In "Minitrue", we have a department called the Records of Department. This is where we change history when something does not seem right, when event has happened, that should not have, or when a person "doublethinks". (Doublethinking is when you have a thought that goes against the Party). We do this so our Party looks good and we do not want people talking about what has happened in the past because we want the past to look good and have a positive impact that goes along with the Party's standards. Other people would like to say that we are a ministry that lies, but we that is not the case. We like to change the past just so it could be interesting to read,  not dull and boring.

  • Winston changed a section in a newspaper. He was to correct articles that had to be with the Party's standards.
  • Changes an article about Jones, Aaronson and Rutherford.
  • Time Magazine - A speech was made by Big Brother. The speech had to be changed because Big Brother's prediction was incorrect and had to be correct.
  • A forecast prediction was printed wrong.


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