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1984 - Ministries
Ministry of Plenty

Thesis: When controlling parties take over others, those people may rebel and disagree with what the party is for, but yet, they will continue to follow and obey them.

We are "Miniplenty". In our ministry, we look after economic affairs.
Others would say we would starve people, but we want to make sure that the privilleged people get proper food.

Our ministry's job it to make sure that we get everything that we need. We make sure that all the food and items are sent to us. We give out the good food to Inner Party and the alright food to the rest of the parties. Others would say we starve people, but all we do is give better food for those who work in a higher paid job.

  • The Inner Party is the upper-class in Oceania. They are privilged. They get better food and drinks. They are able to turn off the telescreens, not like the other people. People such as O'Brien get these privilges.
  • When Winston was at the Ministry of Love, he was not given much food or drink in which, became very skinny and sick
  • Reduction of the amount of chocolate given to each person. It went from 30 grammes to 20 grammes.
Even though the ministry is controlling over the amount of food and drink the people get, those people would get tortured if they rebel, but would continue to obey the ministry in order to survive.


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