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1984 - Ministries
Ministry of Peace

Thesis: When controlling parties take over and manipulate others, those people may rebel and disagree, but yet, they will continue obey and follow them.

We are called "Minipax". We focus on the war that is going on.
Others would tell you that we are a ministry that is always in war. We do not want you to believe what others would say about us. We just want to make Oceania a place where everyone could live in peace.

Since in "Minipax", we look after what is going on with the war in Oceania with Eurasia and Eastasia.
War with Eurasia is finished!
War with Eastasia has begun!
Help out and fight for your country. Continue to encourage the war with Eastasia. Do not let other people tell you otherwise.

Since Oceania was finish the war against Eurasia, they began another war against Eastasia. To make sure that people believe that there was a war going on. They would bomb their own city, Oceania, just to scare the them. Since everyone was afraid because of the bombing's, people then believed that there was a war going on. The Party's would just say that they are in war just to make things interesting in Oceania. Oceania wanted to have Eurasia and Eastasia against each other and start a war.


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