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1984 - Ministries
Ministry of Love

Thesis: When controlling parties take over and manipulate others, those people may rebel and disagree but yet, they will continue to follow their orders.

We are also called "Miniluv".  In our ministry, we continue to maintain law and order in the city (Oceania).
Others would say that we torture people but in fact, we want to help others to believe in the right things. We want to make sure that people do not think about getting rid of Big Brother and making sure that they do not side with Emmanuel Goldstein.

If you plan on visiting or want to see what our building looks like, it has no windows and has barbed wire around it. We have barbed wire around our building because we want to make sure that people from Oceania do not escape until we say it is ok with us for them to continue on living in Oceania.

In our ministry, we  make sure that people do not "doublethink"  in Oceania because if they do and if they get caught by the "Thought Police", they will be sent to us. We will help each person that has "doublethink". We will reteach you what is expected in Oceania and make sure that they understand. If they do not cooperate with us, then we will have to send them to Room 101. You do not want to be sent there.

Winston Smith was doublethinking and was having an affair with Julia. They were caught by the Thought Police and were sent to the Ministry of Love. At that point, Winston was tortured by O'Brien. He physically and mentally tortured Winston. He was to believe that 2 + 2 = 5 and not 4. Also, he was to believe in the party and make sure that he would not have thoughts against the party. Winston was not given food all the time and was not given good sleeping quarters. At some points, Winston did not cooperate all the time, Winston was then sent to Room 101. In Room 101, you must face your fears which was rats, this was because this was one main thing that they could really torture them with. Eventually, Winston and Julia were both released from the Ministry of Love.
If people do not obey the ministry of love, they would continued to be tortured until they have obeyed and agreed with what the Party wants you to believe.


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