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Summary of 1984
1984 - Ministries

Plot Summary

The main character is Winston Smith. He works in the Ministry of Truth where he changes events that have already been printed out in the newspaper. He begins writing a journal in which, he rebels agains the government. The government of Oceania, shows lots of posters of Big Brother. Winston Smith meets Julia, in which, they begin a relationship. But Julia and Winston get caught (within the relationship that exsisted) by the Thought Police and aresent to the Ministry of Love. O'Brien, who pretends to become Winston's friend but uses him because he knew that Winston was rebelling against the party. O'Brien then tortures Winston physically, emotionally and mentally. It took 9 months to make sure that Winston would not do anything that would harm the government.


  • Newspeak
  • Oldspeak
  • Winston Smith
  • Julia
  • O'Brien
  • Parsons Family
  • Katherine
  • Syme
  • Big Brother
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Mr. Charrington


  • Power
  • Body and Mind Control
  • Technology
  • Hastiness


  • Big Brother Posters
  • Winston's Smith's Diary
  • Telescreen (a television)
  • Glass paperweight
  • Goldstein's book


  • Big Brother is watching you!
  • War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength

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